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Choosing Your Puppy continued ...
It is possible to predict a bit about a puppy's future personality based on the puppy's size relative to his siblings. The biggest puppy will most likely be laid back and easy-going. This is because he never had to scrap with his siblings for anything. He will normally be very patient with young children. You should take the introduction of new things, such as gunfire, slowly and carefully when training this puppy. This puppy will also need frequent off-lead outings in order to build the boldness needed to become an excellent hunter. If you do not have the time to take your puppy on frequent off-lead adventures, do not choose the biggest puppy in the litter. On the flip-side, the smallest puppy will most likely be outgoing, fearless and energetic. This is because she always had to scrap with her siblings for everything. You should be firm, consistent and patient when training this puppy, as it may be difficult to hold her attention.
Because we are human and are programmed to prefer things we find attractive, you should pick a puppy you like the looks of. If you really like how your dog looks, it will make your bond much stronger than if you dislike or are indifferent to how he looks. If you think your dog is gorgeous, you will be proud to show him off. You might even overlook some of his bad behaviors. If you think your dog is ugly, he will never become your "once in a lifetime" dog, no matter how intelligent, talented and well-behaved he is. This is not to say you should choose your favorite-colored puppy from a breeder and/or litter that is other than your first choice.
It is always best to choose your puppy using these criteria in this order:
(1) Choose your breeder; taking into consideration experience, reputation, methods and facilities
(2) Choose your litter; taking into consideration temperament, structure, conformation, health, size and hunting ability of bitch and sire
(3) Choose your puppy; 1st by temperament, next by structure/conformation, and lastly by appearance
As the puppies are growing, watch the videos and identify three puppies you think are good looking and have personalities you are drawn to. When it comes time to choose your puppy, you'll likely be able to take home one of those three.