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VC IntCH Brush Dale's Open Season MH (Jager) was whelped at Brush Dale on 10/24/15 as part of the O Litter. Jager's sire is IntCH Brush Dale's Doggone Right (Scout) and his dam is IntCH Brush Dale's Brown-Eyed Girl (Tess). Jager is owned by Scott Green of Cokato, Minnesota.
Jager shares his home (and Scott's bed) with his younger half-brother, Lovec. Lovec, Brush Dale's Cheap Shot, is from Tess' CC litter. Jager is extremely affectionate. He loves to sit next to Scott and likes to rest his head or front paw on Scott while sharing the couch. On numerous hunting trips with many different people, someone always comments about how much Jager loves his human. They cannot believe how closely Jager watches Scott's every move and wants to be with him. It shows Jager's desire to please and make Scott happy.
Jager Scott takes his 80-year-old father waterfowl and upland hunting quite often. His dad has had many hunting dogs over those 80 years and often calls Jager a "once-in-a-lifetime" dog - the best hunting dog he's ever seen. He calls Jager the "Patriarch." (Poor Lovec has some extremely big dog boots to fill.)
Jager has an attractive, medium dense, soft, roan coat with gorgeous and extensive furnishings. He weighs approximately 48lbs and is average in height for a male Small Munsterlander per the Breed's FCI Standard. Jager has a beautiful, white flag for a tail - a required characteristic of the Breed. He received his International Championship in conformation on April 13 & 14 of 2019.
JagerAfter getting Jager, Scott became actively involved with NAVHDA for the first time. At age 10 months, Jager earned a maximum score of 112 and a Prize I at his Natural Ability Test. The Test took place in early September of 2016, after a Spring and Summer of training together. Since this was Scott's first time training and running a pup in a NAVHDA test, he was quite nervous. Therefore, when NAVHDA training days ended for his Chapter in late July, he made arrangements for Jager to go to a professional trainer for a couple of weeks as a final tune-up for the Test. The trainer contacted Scott after two days and told him to come get Jager. Scott was confused and worried something was wrong, but the trainer said, "You are either a heck of a trainer, or you have one heck of a dog, because if I keep him for two weeks I'll just be stealing your money." At age 3 years Jager again earned a Prize I, but this time at his NAVHDA Utility Test. (He would have again earned a maximum score, but was docked a point for stopping to pee with the duck in his mouth during his blind retrieve.) Jager easily earned his AKC Senior Hunter title on September 13, 2020 after just two back-to-back weekends of testing and his AKC Master Hunter title in 2022. In September of 2022 Jager and Scott passed the NAVHDA Invitational Test with a maximum score, earning Jager the title of Versatile Champion.
Like his mother, Jager's prey drive is off-the-chart high. During their first summer training at his NAVHDA Chapter's weekly Thursday evening training days, a number of handlers told Scott Jager was the highest prey drive dog they had ever seen of any breed. Obviously, Scott loves Jager's prey drive in the field, but what Scott appreciates as much or more is the off-switch Jager has at home. Scott often jokes that if you saw Jager at home you would never believe he is a hunting dog. He is extremely calm, well-behaved and very affectionate. This calmness is a result, in part, of their daily, 30-45 minute, after-work, off-leash, after-dinner runs together.
JagerJager is hunted 50/50 on waterfowl and upland game birds in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Kansas. Jager has hunted pheasants, quail, sharptail, chukar, grouse and waterfowl. In the field, Jager is a tireless, relentless, bird-finding machine. This is where his incredible prey drive really stands out. Jager's cooperation and obedience in the field goes above and beyond anything Scott ever expected.
During their four hunting seasons together, Jager has retrieved 100% of the birds knocked down. In fact, it's not uncommon for Jager to retrieve birds shot and left behind by previous hunters. That is a trait inherited from Jager's grandmother, KD, who was nicknamed the "Vacuum Cleaner." Jager has always retrieved to hand naturally and instinctively. Without any formal training, Jager's first waterfowl hunting retrieve was made at age 11 months in North Dakota on the biggest Canadian goose Scott ever shot. Jager swam out and circled the goose 3 times, obviously trying to figure out where to grab hold. He finally grabbed it around the neck and swam it to Scott on shore, a retrieve of about 30 yards. Jager was quite proud of himself (and Scott was downright ecstatic)!
To make hunting trips even more enjoyable, Jager rides extremely well in a vehicle. They've made multiple road trips together to Spokane, WA and Dallas, TX plus many other longer distance trips. The only time Jager gets a bit out-of-control is when he hears the tires hit a gravel road, because that can only mean one thing - it's BIRD TIME!
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