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Pheasant and quail are popular entrees at Brush Dale, as are wild turkey and deer. Besides tasty wild game recipes, you'll find scrumptious ways to serve garden vegetables and delicious desserts. Lodge Recipes

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Brush Dale Kennel
Small Munsterlanders Available for Stud Service
These Small Munsterlanders are available for stud service. Use the Measurement, Description & Owner Contact Information link on each stud's webpage to contact the stud's owner for more information about their dog and/or to setup a breeding.
IntCH Brush Dale's Courage Under Fire (Smokey) IntCH Dick Zimni Vrch (Jaxon) IntCH/NatCH Brush Dale's Ego Trip (Mickey) IntCH Brush Dale's Imagine That (Atlas)
IntCH Brush Dale's He Got Game (Ike) HnrCH/IntCH/NatCH Indy Vom Hundegelaut (Indy) IntCH Dag Zimni Vrch (Ozzy) IntCH/NatCH Vulcan Eben-Ezer (Bandit)
IntCH/NatCH Fuglejaeger Dixon (Jax) IntCH/NatCH Fuglejaeger D Jixer (Scout) IntCH/NatCH Brush Dale's Riding Shotgun (Buddy) IntCH Brush Dale's Open Season (Jager)
IntCH Brush Dale's Triple Threat (Tito)
Sires of Brush Dale Litters
These Small Munsterlanders have sired Brush Dale litters.
Borovice Zatoka's Chaska (Buckley)
  • E Litter Whelped 10/20/2012
  • IntCH Brush Dale's Courage Under Fire (Smokey)
  • L Litter Whelped 02/09/15
  • M Litter Whelped 04/27/15
  • Q Litter Whelped 07/24/16
  • IntCH Brush Dale's Doggone Right (Scout)
  • F Litter Whelped 06/10/2013
  • J Litter Whelped 10/23/14
  • O Litter Whelped 10/24/15
  • P Litter Whelped 10/31/15
  • R Litter Whelped 10/18/16
  • T Litter Whelped 04/27/17
  • BB Litter Whelped 01/31/19
  • IntCH/NatCH Brush Dale's Ego Trip (Mickey)
  • N Litter Whelped 07/01/15
  • Charly Von Sandloh (Charly)
  • A Litter Whelped 09/28/10
  • B Litter Whelped 01/15/11
  • C Litter Whelped 11/11/11
  • VC Hunting Hill's Joker (Joker)
  • I Litter Whelped 01/29/14
  • Julson's Dax (Audie)
  • H Litter Whelped 09/12/13
  • Krystal Creek's Austin (Austin)
  • D Litter Whelped 07/06/12
  • VC Lakewood's Austin (Austin)
  • G Litter Whelped 09/12/13
  • K Litter Whelped 10/29/14
  • HnrCH/IntCH/NatCH Indy Vom Hundegelaut (Indy)
  • U Litter Whelped 08/02/17
  • W Litter Whelped 12/27/17
  • IntCH Brush Dale's Imagine That (Atlas)
  • S Litter Whelped 03/04/17
  • IntCH Dag Zimni Vrch (Ozzy)
  • V Litter Whelped 10/08/17
  • IntCH/NatCH Vulcan Eben-Ezer (Bandit)
  • X Litter Whelped 4/01/18
  • IntCH/NatCH Fuglejaeger Dixon (Jax)
  • Y Litter Whelped 8/09/18
  • IntCH Brush Dale's He Got Game (Ike)
  • Z Litter Whelped 9/17/18
  • AA Litter Whelped 01/29/19
  • DD Litter Whelped 04/14/19
  • IntCH Dick Zimni Vrch (Jaxon)
  • CC Litter Whelped 2/28/19
  • IntCH/NatCH Fuglejaeger D Jixer (Scout)
  • EE Litter Whelped 4/23/19
  • Jules de Wacourt (Renoir)
    Retired Studs
    These Small Munsterlanders have been retired from stud service. We thank their owners for their dogs' contributions to the breed. It takes a lot of time, effort and money to get a dog qualified for breeding. Plus, the ongoing work to keep a dog in peak breeding condition, as well as all that goes into a successful breeding, shows the commitment of these owners to their dogs and the breed.
    IntCH Brush Dale's Doggone Right (Scout)
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