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IntCH Brush Dale's Cheap Shot SH CGCA (Lovec) (Lovec is Czech for "hunter" as Lovec's sire is a Czech import) was whelped at Brush Dale on 2/28/19 as part of the CC Litter. Lovec's sire is IntCH Dick Zimni Vrch (Jaxon) and his dam is IntCH Brush Dale's Brown-Eyed Girl (Tess). Lovec is owned by Scott Green of Cokato, Minnesota.
Lovec shares his home (and Scott's bed) with his older half-brother Jager. Jager, VC IntCH Brush Dale's Open Season MH, is from Tess' O Litter. Lovec is affectionate and has a couple of funny personality characteristics: Every morning upon waking, Lovec licks and nibbles on one of Scott's ears (his way of saying good morning) and when really content while being petted or for belly rubs, Lovec will purr, it sounds like a deep-chested, soft growl (but he's not growling) and whenever he wants a little attention or an ear scratch he'll put his paw on Scott's hand or arm and stare at him.
Lovec has a very attractive, medium dense, soft, dark roan coat, with nice furnishings. He weighs around 54 pounds and is average in height for a male Small Munsterlander per the Breed's FCI standard. Lovec has a beautiful flag for a tail - a required characteristic of the breed. He has a masculine head, muzzle and appropriately almond shaped eyes. Every where Scott takes Lovec, people familiar with the Small Munsterlander breed comment how Lovec is a beautiful example of a male Small Munsterlander and people not familiar with the breed comment on what a beautiful dog he is. Lovec received his International Championship in conformation on April 10th and 11th of 2021. During that same weekend, Lovec was awarded Best in Show Rare Breed Adult.
Scott is actively involved in NAVHDA Testing and AKC Hunt Tests with both Lovec and Jager. Lovec earned a max score of 112 and a Prize 1 at his Natural Ability test at age 15 months. Lovec was ready to test much sooner, but COVID delayed his ability to test. Scott tested Jager at NAVHD's highest level and Scott is extremely confident Lovec will be able to reach the same level of success within NAVHDA. In addition, Scott is actively involved in obtaining Lovec's AKC hunting titles.
Like his mother, Tess, and half-brother, Jager, Lovec has a very high prey drive. This is the reason Scott wanted a second pup from Tess. To offset his prey drive, Lovec has an excellent off-switch while in the home. He loves to take naps on his bed or on Scott's feet, while Scott is working at his desk. Lovec and Jager get a daily run off-leash every evening for approximately 45 minutes, which definitely helps maintain his off-switch.
Lovec is hunted on both upland game birds and waterfowl. He has hunted and retrieved quail, pheasant, chukar, sharptail, ruffed grouse, ducks and geese in Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, Montana and Washington. In the field, Lovec is a tireless, relentless, bird finding machine. Lovec's cooperation and obedience in the field makes him an absolute joy to hunt with. He's always quartered naturally, periodically checks-in and regularly makes eye contact with Scott. He's always instinctively known he and Scott are a team in the field.
During all hunting seasons to date, Lovec has retrieved 100% of the birds shot over him. He's a natural retriever. In addition, he's been trained to retrieve to the heel position, sit and present the bird. Retrieving waterfowl out of a boat with Lovec is something to witness. Lovec literally launches himself off the side, back or motor to get into the water and HE LOVES DOING IT! A couple of upland retrieves, in particular, stand out in Scott's memory: At age 7 months, for the Iowa pheasant opener, Scott knocked down a rooster. Lovec had a good mark, but the rooster was running. Scott was able to watch Lovec track and retrieve the rooster via his GPS collar. Lovec tracked the rooster 185 yards before catching it. The rooster was still alive when Lovec delivered it to Scott's hand. Scott knew at that point he had a great, natural retrieving dog. The second sequence happened during the Fall of 2021 while on a hunting trip in Montana. Lovec was 2.5 years old. A friend knocked down a rooster, but no dog saw the bird fall. Lovec was called to the spot marked by his friend and given a "Dead Bird" command. Again, using the GPS collar, Lovec's track and retrieve was monitored. This time, Lovec tracked 365 yards and once again the bird was retrieved to hand.
To make hunting trips even more enjoyable, Lovec rides extremely well in the vehicle. He's made multiple trips to Dallas TX, Spokane WA and many other long distance trips. Lovec and Jager generally go with Scott everywhere in his truck. The only time Lovec isn't quiet in the truck is when the tires hit gravel - the whining and excitedness reach a high level, but only because driving on gravel means one thing - it's Bird Hunting Time!
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